A Bit About Us

The Heart of Integrity Homes

Our goal is to transform our community one life at a time by giving those in need a hand up, not a handout. We desire to invest in people who truly want to better their lives, families, and community. We see every person as unique, precious, and priceless...a one-of-a-kind creation. Our heart is to reveal how much God loves them and equip them to bring lasting change in the world around them. Integrity Homes has helped people from all walks of life by providing housing, accountability, and the spiritual and emotional guidance needed to grow and become successful in life.


We know that true change happens within the heart of a person, and it is our greatest goal and desire to help facilitate the heart change in those that are struggling. Our vision is to meet the needs of all our residents on every level, from start to finish. Our ministry believes in looking for the treasure God has deposited in each person, drawing forth their gifts and talents so that they can recognize their value as a child of God and reach their highest potential in Christ.


We understand that the total transformation of the mind and heart of an individual is a process, and happens over time. To retrain and reframe the outlook and perspective of an individual, much love, time, and patience are required. Some of our residents have come to us literally as “spiritual babies" who have no clue how to live life on God’s terms without slipping back into their old way of thinking and living. Many of our residents lacked purpose and goals in life. They lacked a reason for living and a reason for being. They lacked an understanding of accountability and personal responsibility. But most of all, they lacked the faith required to continue in the right direction. This is where we come along and help through proven testimonies of those who have overcome, and a proven framework and life-plan that facilitates the new life they always dreamed of. We offer to meet their needs, both physical (outer) as well as spiritual and mental (inner), as long as they are willing. This is not an easy task but requires spiritual, educational, physical, and material resources that can only be provided by a greater community, through unity, and teamwork. We know from experience that every person has something to offer in the effort to raise up and restore the residents we are given the privilege to care for. Together, we can change the world one life at a time!

Considering all that we have said, we have found that in order to see this transformation through, it literally can be likened unto raising children, and may take much time and resources, however we allow and give opportunities for those who have been transformed to give back. In our model, we keep the spiritual and life development of the resident first, helping them keep their priorities while empower them with the tools and opportunities to give back. We believe in freely giving as a person has freely received. And in doing so, many including our own leadership have grown and become pastors, and great men and women in our community and have impacted the lives of many. All they needed was an opportunity to serve someone else, and they have found great joy, purpose and satisfaction in seeing others changed just as they were changed.

We would like to encourage you to join us, in our efforts and in the unity and collaboration of this life changing ministry so that together we can make a greater impact. The greatest work requires teamwork, and we can’t do it without you and every one of us. If you would like to find out how to get more involved, contact us by clicking the "let's chat" button below, or if you would like to make a financial donation, please click "Donate Now" below.