Our Story

Integrity House began with a need. In 2013 there was a single mom in our church struggling to raise her two young boys on her own. With the limited finances of one income and the great cost of raising kids and little moral support, this weary mom was discouraged and in need of help. We prayed for her and did what we could but felt there had to be a more tangible way we as the body of Christ could help. 

Not long after, by divine inspiration, Integrity House was born. We would provide a hand up to another single mom in need. Lower cost housing, moral support, and practical and spiritual guidance so that struggling mothers could regroup, catch their breath and get on their way to the bigger and better things God has planned for their lives.

Soon after this, another need arose as we saw the need for strong mentorship and accountability in the lives of many young men. In an increasingly fatherless society, boys are left with either no male role models or poor male role models. Many men grow up with great lack in their lives due to this, and very often struggle to be successful in life. The Lord placed a strong desire in the hearts of several men in Integrity Church to come alongside and be God's solution to the problem. Group housing would be provided with strong accountability where men would be mentored, encouraged, assisted in finding jobs, and helped to discover their worth and value as a man of God. We saw how this part of the vision went hand in hand with our initial vision of helping single moms. If we could be used by God to help men become the man God called them to be they would become great fathers, grandfathers, sons, brothers and productive members of society and it would impact the family structure and society as a whole.

The response to this was great and in 2014 Integrity House 2 was born to accommodate the many men desiring to be a part of Integrity House. In the next couple of years Integrity House became Integrity Homes, with 10 locations that are housing many men, women and children in need.

What will God do next? Well, the sky is the limit because we serve a big and great God. We would like to encourage you to join us in our efforts and in the unity and collaboration of Integrity Homes so that together we can make a greater impact. The greatest works that make a real and lasting difference in the world always require teamwork and we can't do it without you! Would you join with us in becoming the hands and feet of Jesus and make a lasting difference in our world?

We would like to encourage you to join us, in our efforts because together we can make a greater impact. The greatest work requires teamwork, and we can’t do it without you and every one of us. If you would like to find out how to get more involved, contact us by hitting the contact button on the menu, or if you would like to make a financial donation, please click the donate button below. Together, we make a difference!