Integrity Homes

Changing Our Community One Life at a Time

Integrity Homes provides a helping hand to those in need; providing housing, mentoring, and family to the men, women and children that come through our doors. Our goal is to change lives and impact the community around us by helping others to become healthy and productive members of society. Countless lives are being transformed by this ministry!


Our goal is to restore every aspect of our resident’s reality, both in their physical surroundings, but as well as their inner life and outlook. We are using every resource, both physical and spiritual to impact their lives, until the integrity of their character cannot be cracked. Every aspect of rehabilitation is offered in our housing. Whether it be job placement, parenting skills, boundaries in relationships, money management and other practical life skills, our goal is to equip every resident for success in life.

We believe purpose is paramount. We have found that if a person is given purpose in life, that they will have a reason for living and a reason for doing what is right. During their stay, we help our residents reflect and meditate on themselves and their behavior until they see themselves and their life in a new perspective. We offer an on-going curriculum, that challenges their outlook on life, themselves, and others, while considering their goals and purpose in life.

Consistency, is only possible with help and support. Our residents, have an affordable, safe, and secure living situation that facilitates growth and progress. Group housing offers accountability. Structure, and scheduled requirements help our residents become habitually trained to do the right thing as they work, and learn to live their new life.

Our organization is connected with tilers, carpenters, electricians, and other tradesmen who are ready to donate their time and assist, when needed. Our goal is to provide a nice home, that our residents can be proud to come home to and feel relieved, refreshed, and excited about their new life. By providing quality interior space, we have found that our residents are more likely to stay and receive their healing, rather than move prematurely.

Unity and community support, will be the key to our success in restoring lives. Everybody has something to offer, and the greater work requires community. We would like to encourage you to join us, in our efforts, so that together we can make a greater impact. The greatest work requires teamwork, and we can’t do it without you! For more information about Integrity Homes click on the tabs at the top of this page or to speak to a staff member give us a call.

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