We Need You!

Integrity Homes is a 501c3 non profit organization and does not receive any state funding. As you know, running a home costs money and our desire is to run each home with excellence. Your generosity not only helps us do so, but allows us to reach more people.


Every day we receive calls from those in need, looking for a fresh start in life.  Sadly however there have been times we have to turn people away and it's heartbreaking to tell the mom living in her car, we have no more space, or the man in desperation with nowhere else to turn there just isn't room. We hear again and again that the shelters are full and that similar housing programs like ours have long waiting lists, leaving many people with nowhere to turn. Our desire is to never have to turn someone away in need ever again.

Would you consider donating today or even becoming a monthly supporter? This amazing ministry is touching countless lives and we couldn't do it without the support of people like you!